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Huang Wei Ling, MD


"We must treat the patient and not the disease "


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ADERESS: Homero Pacheco Alves, 1929 - FRANCA - SÃO PAULO - Brazil -  14.400-010


Huang Wei Ling, MD

Specialties and Training

         Huang Wei Ling, born in Taipei - Taiwan on August 21, 1968, immigrated with her family to Brazil when she was 1½ years old. She joined the Faculty of Medicine at the State University of Londrina, in the State of Parana, in Brazil, in July 1986 graduating in July 1992. She specialized in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases at the same University (1993-1995) and then moved to the City of Franca, in the State of Sao Paulo, where she resides at the moment. She is a General Practitioner and Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist (1996).

She served as an infectologist at the Hospital Infection Control Service of the Santa Casa of Franca (Franca's General Hospital) from1995 - 2000, and was responsible for the control of all prescribed antimicrobial medication at this hospital. She received an award for the best paper presented at the Brazilian Hospital infection Control Congress, concerning the methodology that she used in her daily practice of her antimicrobial control at the abovementioned Hospital, which occurred in Campos do Jordao, in the State of Sao Paulo in 1998. She was coordinator of the Hospital Infection Control Committee and Coordinator of the São Joaquim Hospital Nutritional Support Committee (2000-2004),

and worked at the infectious DST Reference Center / AIDS / Hepatitis in the City of Franca (1996-2007).

She began studies in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997 and since 2007 has been presenting her work worldwide concerning the treatment of various diseases using acupuncture, which is a medical specialty recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine since 1996 in Brazil, and the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine also linked with Chinese diet therapy and the knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine, always showing the necessity of treating the patient as a whole and not just the disease (from the teachings of Hippocrates, the father of medicine).

Further studies have led her into studying homeopathy at the Lamasson Institute in the City of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her studies in acupuncture and traditional Chinese therapy in the majority of cases include the differences and results concerning the changes in diet including the use and non-use of dairy products, as well as apex ear bloodletting in the treatment of different kinds of diseases...

Clinical Treatments


Ear is a technique of using points on the skin of the auricle (external ear) to diagnose and treat body pain and medical conditions . Also known as Auricular Medicine, practitioners around the world use this therapy to treat pain, addictions and internal disorders with excellent results. Whether used in conjunction with other treatment or by itself , the AURICULOTHERAPY is often effective when other treatments have failed . Best of all, it is safe , non- invasive and has no known side effects .

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method originating in traditional Chinese medicine , which is the stimulation of specific skin points through needles .


According to traditional Chinese medicine , this stimulation has the ability to regulate the flow of energy that is responsible for the physiology of the human body.


The word " acupuncture " comes from the Latin - acus meaning needle and puncture means punching .





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Studies and Research

Baltimore, USA  2007
The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
19    Annual Symposium or Medical Acupuncture


AcupunCture for the Treatment of Glaucoma

Washington, USA 2008
The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Treatment of dizziness with acupuncture


Auricular acupuncture for open angle glaucoma treatment


Auricular acupuncture for the treatment of lymphedema post mastectomy


Leptospirosis treatment with acupuncture



Riga, Latvia 2010
XIV World Congress on Medical Acupuncture

 Auricular acupuncture associated with chinese phytotherapy and dietary couNselLing in the treatment of nosocomial post-surgical  knee  osteomyelitis resistant to antibiotcs.

Treatment of recurring furuncles resistant to antibiotic therapy with auricular acupuncture and chinese  phytotherapy .

Diagnosis of hepatopathy  through the  macroscopic analysis of the ear assisting in the precocious treatment of chronic hepatitis c.

Acupuncture for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.


San Diego, USA 2011
The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
23     Annual Symposium or Medical Acupuncture


Auricular Acupunture in Treatment of a Benign Penis Tumour And Peyronie's Disease

Medical Acupuncture   2012
How Do You Treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in Your Practice?

New Delhi, India 2012
15  National Conference of Acupuncture Association of India


Is Auricular AcupunCture Effective In The

Treatment oF Headaches

Auricular Acupuncture In The Treatment of Low Back Pain

Is Auricular Acupuncute Effective in the treatment of insomnia

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 2013

Milan, Italy 2012
14  World Congress on Pain





Houston, Texas  2014
World Federation of Acupuncture Moxibustion Societies

APEX Ear Bleeding and Dietary Counselling in Reducing Knee Pain among Patients Treated with AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE - a Double Blind Study

Apex Ear Bleeding and Dietary Counselling  and PSYCHOTROPIC Medication in Patients Treated with AuriculaR Acupunture - a Double Blind Study

The Influence Of APEX Ear Bloodletting And Dairy Product Restriction In Fibromyalgia Patients TrEated With Auricular Acupuncture - A Double Blind Study

APEX Ear Bloodletting and Dietary CounselLing In Reducing Knee Pain Among Patients Treated WITH Auricular Acupuncture - A DoUble Blind Study

Thessaloniki Greece 2009
International Congress in Medical  Acupuncture

Sydney, Australia 2013
8th World Conference on Acupuncture - WFAS SYDNEY 2013

APEX ear bleeding and dietary counselling in patients WITHANXIETY treated with auricular acupunCture: A double blind stydy

Is  Auricular Acupuncture Effective in the Treatment of Insomnia?

How Effective Is Auricular Acupuncture for the treatment of Cervical Pain?

Is Auricular Acupuncture Effective in the Treatment of Headaches?

 Acupuncture for the treatment of azoospermia

 Auricular acupuncture  for the treatment for difficultly controlled and cost-saving for medical plans

Acupuncture for the treatment for proteinuria in a patient with: SISTemic  lupus erythematosus


Atlanta, USA 2012
The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
24     Annual Symposium or Medical Acupuncture


Medication, APEX ear leeding, and diet in patients with depression treated auricuular acupuncture: a double blind study.

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